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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
pg. 142

There are several conflicts that happen in my book, but they are all tied together. They are all related to the fact that Mark bullies anyone who just talks to Sarah. Mark just likes to pick on anyone who associates with Sarah because he still considers himself her girlfriend even though she has made it perfectly clear that they are no longer together. Most of the conflicts are external and are between Mark and John. John is the new kid at school and of course he talks to Sarah. As soon as he walks into class, Mark trips him. At another time, Mark steals John's phone. These are just a few of the conflicts that happen between the two. An internal conflict that happens, but doesn't have to do with Mark is John vs himself. John has to battle with himself because he has powers that no one else has. He is special and one out of nine people. He tries to work with himself to deal with the problems he has with his special gift.


  1. What is John's special gift and why would this present a problem with himself? Do you think Mark will ever get over Sarah? Will the author add a twist at the end and make Mark and John friends?

  2. Is this like the movie because the movie was so good. Has he gotten his flashlight hand power yet. When will he meet number 6. Or is she not in there. She is my favorite character because her powers are way better then John's. I hope its like the movie and if it is then i might read it.


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