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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Safe At Home
Mike Lupica
End of book

The setting of my book is simply amazing, It's a baseball field. There is nothing better then a good baseball field. It is like another home for me. I love to read this book because it is all about baseball. It is also about high school baseball, which is the best baseball to watch. The character in this book is in a tough spot too, which makes him an even better person to read about. He loves baseball as much as I do and wants to play it year around. He always talks about it, and is all he cares about, which is very similar to me. I love baseball and I believe as much as Nick Crandall does, that baseball is America's past time and the best sport in the world.


  1. What is happening to make him have such a tough time? Does he use baseball as a way to get away from the drama in his life, or is baseball causing the drama? Sounds like a very good book for you!

  2. Baseball is the best sport ever! Why do you like high school baseball more then college or professional?


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