Did you enjoy the ending of your book? Why or why not? Describe an alternate ending and why it would or wouldn't be as good a choice as the ending the author chose.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nellie Wilson. Mrs.Sheffield. Period 7.

I read Danielle Steel's book Secrets. I loved the ending of my book. The alternate ending would have been: Jane and Zack would get married on the beach in Bel-Air, because Jane is already pregnant. I would also have everyone there for the wedding and then have them sent to France where the baby was conceived for their honeymoon. I would have Sabrina and Bill get married in Bel-Air too, since they love each other too and they get along so well on the set. I would have Sabrina get pregnant while on their honeymoon in New York, where the show Manhattan was first shot at. Then, last but not least I would have Mel and Gabby be engaged but they would not be ready to get married yet. They would take a trip to Greece to celebrate getting a new second season of Manhattan. Also, the show had over ten season, with everybody getting married and having kids and living apart but close to each other, probably in Bel-Air.

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