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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going Bovine
Libba Bray
I really hated the end of this book. It had kind of been hinting at what was going to happen in the end but i didn't seriously expect the author to end it so horribly. In the end we realize that all of Cameron's adventures were just side effects of him losing his mind because of the mad cow disease. This was a stupid ending because then you realize that he died the same lonely unhappy loner that he was in the beginning. He never really met or hung out with any of the people that he considered his closest friends and he never truly was happy with his family again. The only plus side was that in the end he got to be with the girl he loved because she was an angel but it was just really disappointing that all of the adventures were fake. I would have liked the ending way better if the author would have made the adventures he was having be real life and have the scenes of him in the hospital as side effects of him growing crazy. That way he would have grown as a brother/son, friend, and all around human being.

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