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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heaven is for Real
by: Todd Burpo

This book is an amazing true story about this four year old boy, Colton, who has been to heaven and back. After a terrifying disease took over his body and brought him on the verge to death, Colton has a miracle recovery. A few weeks later Colton starts talking about heaven and how he sat on Jesus lap. He talked about heaven and all of the pretty rainbow colors there were and also about meeting his great grandpa that died even before he was born. This book was so cool to read and to hear about all the things this kid saw. It is amazing to think about heaven in this way and to get a description of it from a kids point of view. The author wrote this book very well, and made the images come to life in my head. It is a very good book, that I would highly recommend.

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