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Friday, February 4, 2011

quater 3, blog 4

Rachel Crouch
Pop Goes the Weasel
by James Patterson
The antagonist in my book would have to be the killer that Cross is chasing or Death, as he likes to be called. He is an attractive, caucasian man in his thirties with a love for killing other attractive people. He works at the British Embassy in Washington DC and he can barely ever focus on his work. All he can focus on is the "game" he plays in the Southeast DC area on the weekends. It's all he can do to escape his work and his perfect little family that he hates so much. He has actually become obsessed with his "game" and enjoys nothing more then getting into his crappy, old cab and searching the city for victims. The biggest mistake that "Death" had really made in his killing game was murdering a nurse that Cross was really close with. That murder is what got the attention of a few other detectives who then joined Cross in his off-the-books investigation.

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