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Friday, February 4, 2011


Stand Tall
Joan Bauer
pg 144-end
The main antaganist in my book The childs mother. She seperates the sons from each other and she also keeps Tree from seeing his grandfather. His grandfather just had his leg cut off and it slowly recovering but needs help. With Tree gone all of the time his grandpa cant get the help he needs. This is sad because this grandpa is more of a father than his dad is. His mother also makes Tree switch schools every single week and he cant make any friends. It would be very hard to be in Trees postion. I dont know what i would do if i had to keep switching schools every week.

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  1. Your book seems a little odd. My type of book I guess. Is Tree a character? Thats very odd name. Switching schools every week would be really tough. Makes me wonder how he passed grades. Athough its only a story it still makes me wonder. It kind of makes sense though if his name was Tree. Because trees are tall and the name of the book is called Stand Tall. I guess you would call that symbolic? I dont know.


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