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Friday, February 4, 2011

For One More Day

Mitch Albom


The antagonists are the main character's mom and dad. They are aggressive parents who fight a lot and have many issues. They get extemely mad at eachother and eventually seperate. Back then, a divorce was not common so people would look at them as bad people. I don't believe they oppose the protagonist, Charley, on purpose because I don't see why parents would want to hurt their kids. But they push Charley to his limits and make him very mad. When he sees his parents fight he gets frusterated and angry. When he was kid he would turn to cigarettes. When he was older, he got very suicidal. He started to not stand up for his mother any more and would yell at her. The antagonists are opposing Charley because they have problems with themselves and with other family members.

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  1. Its horrible to think that there are many families out there that are like this. Families should get along, but somehow it never ends up like that. Do the antagonists ever get along with the protagonist?


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