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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

House Rules
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 117

One aspect I would change in this book would be how the chapters are laid out. In this book there are not really chapters they go by, but it goes by characters and what they are saying. So one chapter at the top says Jacob, another chapter says Emma, and another says Theo, etc. I get confused sometimes because it goes back and forth a lot because what the characters are saying are only about a page or so long depending on what they are talking about so it takes me a while to comprehend okay what just happened and how is this next person going to react to that and where they are at in that situation. I would change this because it can easily mess up a person whoever is reading, in my opinion. I think if they would only have 2 characters talking that would be fine because you would be able to keep up with both of them easily, but by having at least 5 characters speaking throughout the book, it can get really confusing at times. This change would affect the other elements of the book because then you would not be able to tell what a minor character may be thinking because they are not part of the chapter anymore, and by having that I think that could make the book more suspenseful as well. It would also affect the elements because then by having only the major characters of the book talk, you can get more out of them and not just what other people around them are thinking about them.

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