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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cat and Mouse James Patterson

The protagonist is Alex Cross and Sampson. They are the two good guys in the story and they are trying to catch Gary Soneji. Alex is a family man and Sampson is a work-aholic. They both know Soneji is a very bad guy and they feel compelled to catch him and put him in jail. I think Alex wants to catch him more then Sampson does because Soneji is almost stocking him. Alex and Sampson always seem to be one step behind Soneji, but Soneji doesn't know that Sampson and Alex know that he has AIDS. So eventually he will die weather they catch him or not.

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  1. So, Gary Soneji is the antagonist? What did he do to make Alex and Sampson chase after him? Why does Soneji stalk Alex? Is he trying to keep Alex from catching him?


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