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Friday, February 25, 2011

Amy Wright

Night Tales: Night Shift
By Nora Roberts
Pg. 1 t0 153

My book involves a woman named Cilla who works for KHIP radio. She works the night shift which is why the book is called Night Shift. The one part about my book that I would change would be the fact that she works on the night shift. I would change her shift to the morning. Since she is being stalked and threatened by an anonymous man, that would make it harder for him to stalk her. I think that would make the book more interesting and more detailed even though it is very detailed as it is right now. The man calls her every night during her shift and threatens her and will keep threatening her until she cracks. When she cracks, he feels satisfied. The man would have to call and show his face in the day time which might make it easier for him to be identified. It would change the setting a little bit, but it would effect the plot the most.

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