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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Glass Castle
Jeannette Walls
End of Book

The most important event in this book I thought was when all of the children left their own home because they could not stand living with their parents anymore and moving away so they could have a better future and make life their own way and not the way their parents want them to live. This is important because now the children can take care of themselves and not worry about thier dad who drinks all the time and their mom who does not want to get a job and just sits around all day. They all made their lives better because they got an education by going to college and excelling in it. By the end of this book, they all got their jobs and they started a family. They all hoped they would raise their children different from how their parents had raised them when they were kids. This has affected the characters because they are much more happy with their lives now than they ever have been, they do not have to rely on their parents anymore; they get to make their own money and make a living for just themselves and no one else in their family like they use to. The plot was affected because once all of the kids got out of their old house that their parents had lived in, their parents realized what good lives they could have if they put a little effort in their lives instead of doing nothing all day. The parents ended up becoming homeless, even though their dad got lots of money by playing poker, he was generous enough as to give his kids the money even if he was homeless because they were more important to him. Being homeless affected the parents because the dad got very sick and ended up dying in the end, and the mom was starting to make more money on her art, unlike she had before. So, in the end, by moving out of the house and starting to get their own jobs and education brought forth many different opportunites for the chidren that they never had before.

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