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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Night Star
Alyson Noel
pg. 121

I am not very far in this book, but the event that has come up so far was that Ever and Haven had a "conversation" about senior year. It was mainly a signal Haven sent to Ever to meet her in the bathroom to have a discussion or more like so Haven can threaten Ever. Haven is a mysterious person and is obviously not giving away any clues as to what her plans are for getting revenge. Haven tries to intimidate Ever, and it doesn't work at first, but towards the end of their discussion, Haven gets upset and throws Ever across the room. This scares Ever because this proves Haven is a great deal stronger than her. Also, if Haven wanted Ever killed right away, she would have done it right then when she had the chance, but she didn't. Ever quickly gets worried when she figures out how strong Haven is and how she doesn't really know what powers Haven possesses. This really doesn't change the way the character's feel about each other. Haven already hates Ever and gets her point across loud and clear. Ever is starting to get scared of Haven. The two used to be very good friends, but that has changed dramatically after all that has happened. This changes the way the plot is going...This means that Haven knows something that Ever doesn't know, and Ever must figure this out. It leaves us guessing what is going to happen next.

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