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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jake R

Safe at Home
Mike Lupica
pg. 138
So far I would say the most important event would be Nick getting brought up to the varsity catching position. Nick is only a 7th grader, and under the coaches rules, he is not allowed to play up. The original catcher is out on injury and the coach has heard that Nick is a stud. This is a real turning point for Nick. Nick is put on the spot since the coach has bragged him up. This is also important for Nick and showing what he has, and now the season depends on him. This has affected his friendship with his jv teamates. Also, his mood is greatly affected because he has done terrible so he is crabby at everyone. The plot has changed because its a totally different atmosphere from the JV team, moving to the Varsity.


  1. That is amazing that Nick is only a 7th grader and was asked to be the varsity catcher. I think since he is that good he should be able to play up with the older kids, but are there age requirements? Does Nick perform well in front of his teammates? I dont think he should let his attitude take over the way he plays. This sounds like you like the book. Hope you enjoy the rest!

  2. This is very interesting that a 7th grader is good enough to be bumped up to varsity. It's quite sad that he is losing some of his friends just because he was bumped up to play varsity and help the team out. It is not really fair to Nick.

  3. Sounds interesting. Is Nick the man character? What is the setting?


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