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Friday, February 25, 2011

No Second Chance
Harlan Coben
pg. 274
If I could chance one aspect, I would want the pace of the book to go faster. The book is very interesting and you want to know what is happening next, but it takes the author so long to add some suspense. The author spends alot of time focusing on the character's thoughts. If the pace were to change, then more stuff would be left out of the book. For example, you wouldn't have as much insight into the minds of the characters.

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  1. The book I'm reading is the same way! They spend so much time on the background that they start to take away from the plot. But if you didn't know as much about the background, some of the actions of the characters would not make sense. Do you think taking out all of the thoughts of the characters would make the book better because it would make the book go faster?


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