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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fallan Stark
Dirty Laundry
Daniel Ehrenhaft
pg 152

The protagonist isn't so much a person as it is the fact about that certain person. However, there is also another conflict that could be considered the protagonist. Darcy is missing. She was the RA at their boarding school. She was very responsible and popular and she was the least expected to go missing. Some people believe that she wanted to start anew and that's why she ran away. Carli and Fun believe hacked their good friend, Nails', email and read that she could have been murdered. They think that it might be him. Also, Carli is undercover as Sheila. Nails knows about it so he might spill her secret.There really isn't a person who opposes against them, except for Nails. Which in both cases Nails looks suspicious. The only reason that he may have murdered Darcy is because she is his ex-girlfriend and he is holding a grudge against her. There isn't a reason why he would expose Sheila/Carli, unless to hold it as a threat against her to get something that he wanted.

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  1. I am really confused...So who is the antagonist? Nails? How is Nails suspicious? Did someone actually murder Darcy?


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