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Friday, February 4, 2011

Coming Back Stronger
By Drew Brees
pg. 125-178

There isn't really any antagonist in my book. My book is about how Drew Brees gets injured. It talks about his life and how he was given the opportunity to either come back stronger and do intense rehab or he could have just quit and not did his rehab and he would have a long road for recovery. There isn't an antagonist in my book. I am not really sure what to put.


  1. Do you think that maybe Drew is his own antagonist? Because he got hurt and is trying to recover maybe he is thinking thoughts that are tearing him apart on the inside. Does he have any friends that could have been there to help support him? I think there is probably an antagonist. Look between the lines.

  2. I was wondering the same thing that sydney was. Since there is not a person that is the antagonist it could be him. He is fighting against himself and in the end hopefully he will win


  3. The people above me are right i think Drew is fighting himself. He has a war going on inside him that he needs to win. Plus he is a good football player.

  4. I thought that as well because it is a fight against himself to motivate himself to do rehab and come back stronger than he was before. I didn't think I could put him as an antagonist so I didn't. I completely agree with you guys.


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