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Monday, February 21, 2011

Anthony Horowitz
pg 95-110

If I could change one thing about the book, I think I would bring Sabina back. In the last book she moved to America and both her and Alex were sad. She's the only one he has really told about his spy life except for the boy he's in Italy with now, named Tom. Tom is another of Alex's friends but you can tell he's not as comfortable with him as he is with Sab. I wish she was still in Europe because she made the book more relateable to a female audience. She added some comedy to the constant adventure and with her there, Alex wasn't so stressed out. He even went on vacation with her to the south of France in the last book and it really impacted both of them. By bringing Sabina back, maybe Alex wouldn't be in so much trouble now. SCORPIA is sinking its teeth into Alex, and I feel like if he had Sabina there, he wouldn't take so many risks. There would probably be more slow paced scenes but I think it would balance well.


  1. Do you wish Alex would have moved to America with Sabina or just that she would have stayed in Europe with Alex? Would it totally have changed the book if they both moved to America? And who is Scorpia?

  2. I also think that having the slow scenes make books more enjoyable. It needs the balance. I'm a big fan of action books, but its always nice to have the side story of friendship or relationships. What would happen if a different girl came into the story? Does it have to be Sabina that comes back to Alex or could another girl suffice in this case?


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