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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Lost Symbol
Dan Brown

The most important event in my story so far is probably the kidnapping of Peter Solomon. It really affects everything that has or will happen in the story. His kidnapping is the whole reason Roberts Langdon goes to Washington D.C. and why the Masonic Pyramid and Ancient Mysteries are being brought back into the spot light after all these years.


  1. Why was he kidnapped? Why is the pyramid and ancient mysteries so important/why were they out of the spot light?

  2. I think that it would stink to be kidnapped. it would scare me really bad. i think that it is cool that that person is looking for him and going after him.


  3. Why is Roberts going after him? Why does he care if that guy is kidnapped or not?

  4. I agree with what everyone said be for what is withn the kidnappeing and why mis that on guy after him. I don;t gety why that guy care that he go kidnape. If it was me I wouldn't of cared that much. I would probally tell the cops about the kidnappong.


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