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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Knights of The Hill Country
Tim Tharp
p. 196

I would say that still, the main event that has ever happened was his dad leaving him and his mom when he was a baby. He was just born and the dad wanted nothing to do with him so he packed his things and left them. It is important because it has completely changed his and his mothers life. The mom just goes out with different guys every week, and it makes him sad. He has no father figure so goes through life with no guidance. This has changed his mentality and his drive to succeed in life and on the football field. It has made him a good football player and a stand out player for his team. This has also made him hate his mom, so his family is not even really a family which is sad. This event has changed his families life.

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  1. This seems like a good book. I have a similar life story where I do not really know my dad, since he died when I was just born, and I know that has changed my life a lot. if he was still here, I would be a farmer boy. The difference is that my mom is married, and I have a good connection with both of them. It sucks that his dad just wants nothing to do with him, and that his mom does not appreciate him. Do you enjoy the book?


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