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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Shadow of your Smile
Mary Higgins Clark
pg. 229
In this book an old lady named Olivia is dying and is torn between telling a family secret. Olivia's deceased cousin Catherine is about to be beatified but Olivia holds evidence that Catherine had a child. Her mother promised Catherine she wouldn't tell anyone, but Olivia found out. A young woman named Monica is Catherine's granddaughter but she doesn't know, only Olivia knows. Olivia struggles to decide whether she should tell Monica who her blood relatives are. The most important event is when Olivia decides to tell Monica the truth. THis would change Monica's life and her blood relatives. But when Monica goes to meet Olivia she finds her dead. Olivia only told one other person she was going to tell Monica, her doctor. But her doctor works for Catherine's child's relatives. If the world were to find out that Monica is related to Catherine, then she would receive the fortune and not the relatives. so the relatives have Olivia silenced. Monica still wants to find out about her ancestors so she does some digging on her own and I think she will find that Olivia was murdered.

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  1. This is another one of your mystery books isn't it? So, if Monica can prove she is related to Olivia, she gets her inheritance? Would Monica be a closer relative to Olivia than the other relatives since she's Catherine's daughter?


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