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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Invisable Man
pg. 70
There is not a protagonist in this book unless you count society. The invisable man is the only antagonist, he steals money to pay for rent and he beats people up whenever they say that they do not believe that he is invisable. When he does confront people willingly they usually don't believe that there is a man talking to them, they think that they've gone insane. When they say this he gets frustrated and punches and kicks them, sometimes he throws rocks to make them believe that he is invisable.


  1. this sounds like a very interesting book. do you know how the man deals with society looking down on him and not believeing he is invisibale. and is he really invisiable or is it just some crazy guy thinking he is invisiable.

  2. this is the wierdest book ever. I read it in 8th grade and never really understood this crazy guy. Do you know what his deal is? I don't remember how he became invisible either, how did it happen?


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