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Monday, February 21, 2011

Night Star
Alyson Noel
pg. 210

Picking one thing to change in this book is difficult...There are many things I would have liked to change. First off, I would have liked to change Haven turning all evil on Ever. Haven was a nice person until she vowed to kill Ever. Ever tried to reason with her just before Ever "died". If this change would have happened, Haven and Ever would have remained friends. They would still be hanging out and spending time together. Haven was very nice person until Ever fed her the elixir. So another thing I would change, would be that Ever would not give Haven the elixir...If Haven didn't have the elixir, Haven would have died, but it would have been for the better. If she did die, Ever and Damen would have been finally be able to be "together" because Roman would have given Ever the antidote...This can get really confusing and complicated to understand if you haven't read the books. In addition, I would change Jude dying. I liked Jude and he just recently died because Haven killed him. Haven threw him across the room and shattered his bones. If Jude wouldn't have died, Ever would have had to make a choice between Jude and Damen which would make it more difficult...Jude is such a nice person and I hated how he had to die. There are a lot of things I would change it the book, but the one I would want to change the most is Jude not dying.


  1. You've told me about Jude. What a shame that he died...he could have really turned this book around.Do you think she would have chosen Jude if he hadn't died?

  2. Wait! I read more last night! Jude lives! At the point where I ended, Damen was talking to Ever and it seemed like Jude had died. Yey! I don't have to change that part of the book:)

    And no I don't Emily, but that is probably because I know she didn't. lol


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