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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Knights of the Hill Country
Tim Tharp
End Of book

If i could change one aspect of the book it would be the action. There would be more fights and arguments and the games would be more drawn out with better details. This would just change how much I wanted to read it. It would make me want to keep turning the page. It would also change how you see the characters. Hampton, the main character, would seem like a whole different character if he got into more tussles. It would make the reader feel more sorry for Hampton and what he is going through. It could also change him to make him look like a bad person. It obviously would also change the plot and make it more exciting.

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  1. I like more action and fights as well. I believe it must be a football book, so they should have a lot of detail about the game to keep the reader interested. Maybe Hampton getting into more fights would make people not like him. If he causes the fights then no one should like him. Sounds like it could still be an ok book. DId you enjoy it?


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