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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hush Hush
Becca Fitzpatrick

The biggest event in my book so far would be Nora is stuck in the middle on nowhere. Some homeless old lady came and took all her stuff, like her coat. She calls Patch to come pick her up, when she see's this old lady get shot. She immediately runs away from the crime scene to notice, it was Patch's vehicle. 5 minnutes later Patch comes to pick her up. He is in the exact vehicle that the person who shot the old lady was. She didnt ask him anything about it right away. When she did though, he confessed everything to her. Throughout the whole story the guy who was trying to kill her was Patch. He was a fallen angel who needed a human body to defeat the main angel. But Becca wouldnt let him have it. She ran away from him and they left eachother.


  1. Patch was always trying to kill the old lady or Nora? And who is Becca? What is Patch's background, how did he become a fallen angel?

  2. This sounds like a huge part of the book. Why did Patch kill the old lady? Is patch normally getting into trouble? Why would the fallen angel want to defeat the main angel?


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