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Thursday, February 10, 2011

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I Am Number Four
Pittacus Lore
End of book

The main event was the battle between the Loriens and Mogadorians in the little town of Paradise, Ohio. John was the next in line to be killed by the Mogadorians, so they had hunted him and were intent on killing him. However, Number 6 (another Lorien) showed up, along with a few humans to fight them off. It was seven against about 300 with the Mogadorians having the upper hand. They fought in the town using whatever they could find such as knives and guns. They fought for hours and finally after the Loriens had defeated two of the large beasts from the enemy side they released yet another beast. This beast was different though because it had been abused to great lengths by the Mogadorians. John has the ability to communicate with animals so he convinced it that the only way to stop the Mogadorians from starving the animal again was for him to kill the Mogadorians. It was an important part because if the beast did not cooperate the Loriens were all going to die along with the human race. A lot was a stake at this point. Since the beast cooperated the Loriens were able to escape Ohio and continue to train to defeat the Mogadorians. This event basically ended the book.


  1. Wow....this sounds like quite the event. Who are the Mogadorians and the Loriens? This sounds like a very intense book. Is there a lot of action going on like a lot of battles? Or just this one event?

  2. Do the Mogadorians themselves fight, or do they just send in their animals? What do the Mogadorians look like? Do they look like humans? Aren't they making a movie out of this book?


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