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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Glass Castle
Jeannette Walls
Pg. 164

The antagonist in my book is Jeannette's dad and also his mother, Erma. The traits they both have are determination, frightening, and shameful. The protagonist in this book is Jeannette, his daughter. Jeannette's dad (they have not gave him a name) is opposing Jeannette because he is always listening to his mother, Erma because if he does not then they will not be able to live with her anymore. Jeannett's parents one day left to go back to their old house in Phoenix to pick up things they had left behind while they were going to Erma's house. While they were on their trip, Erma was doing inappropriate things with her grandson. Lori had walked into the room and starting hitting and punching Erma and Erma retaliated and they got into a huge fight. Their grandfather walked into the room to break they fight up (he was a quiet man). Then, once the fight was over, all of the kids were forced to go down to the basement and live there for the next few days until their parents came back and then they had to move out of the house. When their parents finally came back, their dad had found out what had happened from Erma and he went down to the basement and started yelling at his kids. Saying it was all their faults they got sent to the basement and they should not disobey their grandmother. Their father was too busy listening to Erma's side of the story that he did not give the time of day to their kids and actually listen to what really happened that day. So, they all had to move out the next day. The kids were relieved they did not have to deal with Erma anymore, but they still had their dad to deal with. They would hope maybe he would get a little nicer and less demanding now that he was away from his mother.

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  1. This book sounds pretty brutal. The way you blogged made it seem like you really like it and that it keeps you entertained. Do you like it? Maybe the dad will be more mean, since he lost his love. He may retaliate to his kids. I hope you enjoy this book, look forward to future blogs.


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