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Friday, February 25, 2011

Properties of Water
Hannah McKinnon
P. 78
The one aspect that I would change about my book would be that Lace wouldn't be afraid of the lake, or any type of water. If she was able to get back into swimming she would be able to overcome what has been holding her back since the summer Marni left. Whatever happened that summer was really bad, and the author just revealed that Marni had to have treatment. So I'm thinking cancer, or some disease. I'm not sure though. I would want to change this because maybe she would be able to help her dad through it too and be a stronger, less vulnerable person. Her dad and her would have a must stronger relationship and maybe she would go and visit her sister, Marni and her mother. Her grandparents would see a more confident girl and I'm pretty sure she would get all the guys. She's smart and is a great athlete, and changing whatever is holding her back from getting in that lake would only benefit her to greater heights.


  1. Did something happen to Lace to make her affraid of water?

  2. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing as Nick. You say that she is afraid of "the lake" so i am guessing that something happened to someone in it. Is she also a swimmer? You talked about her being an athlete, and fear of the water would definitely hurt her swimming career.

  3. From the sounds of things, it sounds like Lace used to be a great swimmer but something tragic happened. Is this true? If so, I could understand why she would be afraid to get back into the pond. However, I don't understand why this would help her dad out?!?


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