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Friday, February 11, 2011


Paige Boston
by Malinda Lo
pg 33

So far the most important event has been the Aisling's mother dying. This happened shortly before the events of the book began, and it has caused Aisling's entire life to change. After her mother's death, her father left and remarried, leaving Aisling with a stepmother and two new stepsisters, all of whom are cruel to her. She is alone without her mother's company, and visits her grave at night often, which causes the fairy hunt to watch her from a distrance, which the community finds dangerous.


  1. This book reminds me of the story of Cinderella with the stepmother, stepsisters, and them not being to her. Are their other similarities betwen this and Cinderella?

  2. it does sound alot like Cindarella. But does the main character feel the same way Cindarella does? And what is the communitty? I dont recal one of those in the original story.

  3. The fairy hunt sounds cool! in this case is the fairy a bad thing since the community finds it dangerous? It does sound very much like cinderella, but with a dark twist. I have an odd feeling that the fairy will end up being evil and the stepmother will be great in the end. well maybe?


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