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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pirate Lattitudes
Michael Crichton
pg. 325
In my book the antagonist is a group of people against Hunter, the protagonist. These are Sanson and the new secretary to the governor at Port Royal, Hackett. Hackett is an arrogant guy that only isn't killed by now because of the position he holds in the government. Hackett is Hunter's antagonist because he thinks Hunter is a pirate. Hunter somewhat is but the Governor has always thought highly of Hunter. This brings special opportunities for Hunter to go on excursions that the government helps pay for. Sanson, the other antagonist of Hunter wants the treasure for himself. Because of this he does everything possible to either leave Hunter behind or get him arrested. He is a greedy liar that always tries to get his way even if he's wrong.


  1. Why does he think that he is a pirate? How is he the antagonist for thinking that? How do both of his antagonists oppose against him? Do they want his treasure, because he is a pirate.

  2. that book sounds really confusing. Is it about pirates or is it about somebody in the government? Or is the word pirate being used to describe someone doing something wrong ie. stealing and being corrupt. this book sound interesting but hard to follow.


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