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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quarter 3 blog

Maximum Ride: The angel experiment
James Patterson - Finished
The most important event in my story so far is Angel being kidnapped from the group of kids. It is a very important event, because if it would not have happened then the book would change completely. Angel is the youngest of the "flock" of kids. The reason I say flock is because they are genetically mutated children that were kept in a laboratory called the School until they escaped. Angel's kidnapping has affected all of the children, because they are all extremely close and even though they are not related they consider each other family. Her kidnapping creates the whole plot of the book, which is to get her back safe and sound. Without this event, the book would have to be completely rewritten and retitled, and I think it would change a lot about how the characters act and feel. There is a lot more hatred and anger toward the professors that kidnapped her, and if the event didn't happen the kids might be more likely to fall into a trap and be kidnapped, or worse.

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