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Friday, February 11, 2011

Laura Hillenbrand
Pg. 216

The most important event in the story so far would have to be when Louie's crew are flying over the ocean and their plane breaks down and they crash into the ocean. They were searching for other downed aircrafts in an old, junky plane called The Green Hornet and it broke down while they were over the ocean. They had to land on the water and everyone except for one person survived. The rest got on life rafts and are currently awaiting rescue. This is the most important because it sets the stage for the rest of the book and it adds to the books theme, which is to never give up, even if the odds are against you. This event sets up Louie's fight for survival and will have an impact on his fame later on. Without a doubt, the characters have all changed from this accident. Some payed the ultimate consequence which was their lives. The survivors changed how they lived after the crash and how they acted for the rest of their lives. It made them better people since they had see what it was like to have nothing and be forced to survive. It made them more thankful for what they had. The plot hasn't changed a lot since I just got to this event in the book and I haven't seen all of the consequences yet, but it changed a some; mostly how I described earlier.

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