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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cat & Mouse by James Patterson

pg. 429
I think this is a good title for this book because they keep asking who is the cat and who is the mouse in the story. Alex thinks he is the cat in the story because he is chasing the mouse which would be the Thomas Pierce/Mr. Smith. But Thomas Pierce thinks he is the cat and his split personality Mr. Smith would be the mouse. If I would change the title it would be "The Cellar" because that is where most of the beginning of the story takes place. It is where Gary Soneji dies. It is where Gary hides before all of his murders. It is where Gary's stepmother put him when he was bad as a child. It is where Gary's best friend was killed by Mr. Smith. I think Cat & Mouse is a good title but i think The Cellar would be better.

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  1. Cat and Mouse definately suits the plot well, so it's good in that sence, but it seems like a really over used phrase. Because of this, the book would not stand out to me just from the title. The Cellar would be a good name since it's the main setting and makes me wonder what goes on in there. Metaphorically, how would the cellar relate to the plot?


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