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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Safe At Home Mike Lupica p.60 My favorite character probably would have to be the main character Nick. He is pretty much the only one that Lupica goes into detail about so far. I like how determined and motivated this kid is to play baseball. It is all he ever does and his world revolves around it, which I can relate to. He may not be the most athletic kid but he outworks the more athletic kids. He gets a starting varsity spot as a seventh grader, which is impressive. He does whatever it takes to improve his game and benfit the team so they will be better. He is always finding ways to impress the coach. He is always at the field working on his throwdowns since he is a catcher.

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  1. I as well have read this book and I will have to agree that Nick is a hard worker. It would be a huge change to go from first year in JH baseball, to a varsity spot. I think you will enjoy this book. Its an easy read, and it is a topic of your iinterest. Do you like it so far?


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