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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fallan Stark
Wendelin Van
pg. 147

How did the author capture your interest as you began the book? What did the author do to keep your interest as you read further? What are your hopes for the rest of the book? Explain.

At the beginning of the book, I was interested because she talks about how she is locked up in the laundry room and it is really detailed about her relationship with her terrible foster parents. Just the way the book is well-written and makes me want to keep reading. I wanted to know why she was locked up and how she got there. The thing that I was wondering and kept on reading was because I wanted to know what happened to her mother and who Eddie was. Why did Eddie ruin her and her mother's life? How come she doesn't live with her mother? What was her background? Because it is written as a journal entries, she only explains only a little bit at a time so it was a while til I could find out the answers to the questions. So far in the book Holly runs away because she doesn't like her foster home so she is homeless, but she prefers to call herself a gypsy. Specifically a sea gypsy, so another thing that I was wondering was if she was really going to find the ocean and swim with the dolphins? I hope at the end of this book that she will find somewhere safe to live or hopefully with other family members. She is only 13 and is supposed to start her junior high year, but instead she is roaming around, stealing stuff to survive. I hope that it has a happy ending.

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  1. Is this the type of book that seems to tell you only half the information and then reveals everything at the end? I have always wondered how authors can write books like that. It amazes me how the author will know exactly how they want to story to go, but they know just the little hints to drop to the reader, making then partly understand and then keep their interest til the end. I agree that the book has to have a happy ending. I think the ends of books should be uplifting especially if the main character is only 13.


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