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Friday, March 4, 2011

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
James Patterson
I think that the title fits the book, but it is not a good title for the book because It doesn't draw the reader in. The title is very informational for a person who has read any of the previous books, because Angel is a character in the book so you know that something is going to go wrong with her. I would say that the author needed to put more thought into the title, because it looks more like a comic book title than it does a book title. The title should be more mysterious, and propose a question to the reader, or help to draw them in. Another title for this book could be something like The Hunt, because the kids are being chased after and have to get away as fast as they can. One other option could be Learning To FLY, the kids literally had to learn how to fly for extremely long periods at a time. Flying takes a lot of energy out of them, so they had to fight through it even when they were out of juice.

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