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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing to Lose
Alex Flinn
pg. 64
The book started with the main character, Michael, talking about what his life is like as a carnie. He left home a year before because of problems at home, but the carnival he's with has now come back to Miami, the town where he lived. The book kept my attention by the way he tells his story. He's a very pessimistic person, because of the things he's been through. He and his mom lived alone, living from paycheck to paycheck, until she met Walker. Walker was a rich lawyer and she married him to give her son a better life. Turns out, walker is very, very abusive. Michael switches back and forth between telling about his life in the present and his life a year ago, before he left. The stories he tells about Walker and how he realizes that he himself is slowly changing into a more violent person are very interesting. And in the present he has found out that his mother killed Walker a few months before he came to Miami. He goes to a lawyer to see what he can do to help her. It's sad how he doesn't trust anyone and has to think about it for a few days before he decides that he should tell someone about what happened to him and his mother. I hope that Michael will be able to overcome his fear of trusting people and will be able to help his mother in her trial.

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  1. This seems fairly similar to my book. Holly and her mother lived in a van, except that she didn't have a job so instead of living paycheck to paycheck,the mother steals things. Then the mother met a druggie, Eddie, who gets into a lot of trouble, which usually includes violence and the law. Eddie's bad habits turn into Holly's mother's bad habits, which tear apart there family. She also runs away.


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