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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Indiana Jones and the philophers stone
by Max McCoy
pg 56-120

My books title is very un original but it fits the book very well because it is about him finding a rock. The people that came up with the title were very un creative but it works because every one of his books has an unoriginal title. If i could rename the book it would be called Philosophers in Rome becuase of the philosopheres stone and they fly to rome. Another title would be Indiana jones last adventure because he could die at the end of i, that would make it a very interesting story.


  1. I agree that your book's title is very boring and uncreative. Does this relate to the Indiana Jones movies by chance? I think that a title should give a hint as to what the major problem in the book is, but your title is not exciting at all. If I saw that title, I would not think about picking it up to see what it is about, but that is just me.

  2. Do you think it is ok for authors to name their books this way if it is in the series? I think that if it was originally Indiana Jones and then from the newer stories they added Indiana Jones and whatever then that works I guess. I think every book should have its own unique title though.

  3. You are very opinionated with your blog. It is kind of like Haary Potter. Maybe this book was wrote along time ago, and of course back then they were not very enthusiastic. Do you at least enjoy the book? It sounds kind of boring to me.


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