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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


By A. LaFaye

pg. 10

The book started out with a thunderstorm that was coming toward John Worth's farm. John got his wife and son out into the hay field to pick up the hay before it was lost because of the rain that was coming; so they were going as fast as they could to get the hay in. While in the barn, the horses got jumpy because of the lightning and thunder and it knocked Nathan off of the wagon. Then the horses sped off and took the wagon right over Nathan's leg, shattering it. I think that book will be very good. I think that the father will be very hard on the boy and will teach him the ways of farming.

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  1. How did the author get your interest? Did he keep your interest throughout the pages you have read? Do you think that Nathan's leg will get better? How do you think that will affect Nathan's life?


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