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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quarter 4 Blog 1

Tess Gerritsen
Page 86
This book starts out in Russia with a pimp selling his four young boys to a couple from the United States who supposedly want to adopt them. Then as the author starts to explain what is really going on, the story changes to Boston where a girl named Abby is working in a hospital in hopes of becoming a surgeon. The sudden change in plot interested me because automatically I wanted to find out more about the couple. As the story went on there was huge chaos involving two patients who needed the same heart from a crash victim. The heart went to the 17 year old, but only after Abby stole the heart and took it to a different hospital for the transplant. She did not get fired, but she is starting to find out that there is more going on in the transplant unit than the other doctors know. This whole conspiracy kept my interest because it was so fast paced. I hope that the book will go deeper into the transplant units' secrets and also go back to the the couple and tie it back to the current plot.


  1. The change in plot is present in my book as well. It's a good twist to keep interest and foreshadow on later events. Were there other situations of foreshadowing later on in the book as well?

  2. This sounds like a really good book! I think the whole plot chaning in the book is interesting because then you have to learn more about other people and how they relate to the book too. So the heart was not suppost to go to Abby? Did they get caught? Hope you enjoy the rest of the book! :)

  3. Wow...your book seems very interesting! I think I would get confused if the plot changed so fast. Did it confuse you when they made that twist in the book? I think the begining of your book would grab my attention too. It sounds good!


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