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Friday, March 4, 2011


The rescue
By nichalos sparks
Pg. 257-289
The title to my book is the Rescue. i feel that this is a good title for my book. Within the very begining of the book Kyle the little boy gets lost and taylor rescues him. Also Taylor is fighting his own struggles from the past that he cant over come. Demise, his girl friend is trying to help him fight those battles, but he pushes her away, but in the end she he over comes it, and she helps rescue him. Taylor is also a firefighter so in the book he rescues, many different people, which is just another reason why the title fits the book well. But if i could rename the title i would have the title be lost within myself. Because of taylor and him fighting his battle within himself, and how kyle got lost. Another title that i think would be great would be in a world thats not perfect. I would have that be the title because so many things in their lifes went wrong. not seemed to go right for either one of then so that would be my best pick for the title.

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