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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House Rules
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 220

As I began the book, my author got my attention while reading it because she told about Jacob and everything he has gone through as a child while having his syndrome. Some of the stories that she described were unbelieveable so right when she started telling about his life experiences as a child I immediately got hooked to the book. As I kept reading the book, the author kept my interest by adding conflicts amongst many of the characters. Jacob gets into a lot of those conflicts and I get interested to see what he does because if he gets put into a situation where he is not comfortable in or is not use to he begins to freak out. There is also suspense that the author put in because Jacob just recently got put into jail and no one knows how long he will have to be in there and if he really murdered Jess. My hopes for the rest of this book is that the suspense will continue and that Jacob will be innocent hopefully because I could not see him as the one who killed Jess. I think the author will do a good job of hiding the answer of who really got killed to the very end so it will keep me hooked on the book even more.


  1. The book that I am reading right now is about a boy who as Autism. Its kind of the same way, only everything is from his point of view. Its really interesting to read about real life situations. Dont you agree? I hope Jacob is found innocent too. Especially for his case.

  2. This book seems kind of confusing to me. And I wonder if you understand all that you are reading. It seems to me that it jumps back and forth to different things.


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