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Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud page 241

I believe that the title does fit the book well. Because it talks about his life and what had happend to him and how losing Sam changed his life. If there could be two alternate titles they would be The Lost Brother and The Boy Who Could See His Brother. Because it talks about how his brother died and Charlie can see his brother and play catch with him everyday in the woods. And how charlie can see any dead person. He is lost in his life because of Sam he made a promise to him that he would play catch everyday at sunset and he can never move on with his life with out letting Sam go. Because he started to date this girl and Charlie forgot about Sam and disappearing from his life because of his relationship. Those would be my titles.


  1. i saw this movie! and it wasn't too bad. i personally didnt like it all that much. Have you seen the movie? is the movie anything like the book?


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