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Friday, March 25, 2011

Quarter 4, Blog Number 1

Larry Bird
Pages 1 - 25

The author, a very famous basketball player, captured my interests at the beginning of the book by telling about his personal life. I expect the book to be mainly about basketball, so it was nice to read about his personal life and see how that affected his life. He told about how he started playing basketball, and why he strated playing. He told about his high school years and what he went through to become a great player. I could relate with that, because he was the same age as me. I expect to hear more about basketball. I hope to read about his life in college at Indiana Stae University, and eventually read about his life in the NBA, with the Boston Celtics.


  1. I think this book would just be interesting no matter what subject it is. Larry Bird wrote it. He's a machine. It would be interesting to hear about his encounters with the old NBA greats like Magic Johnson. Go Celtics

  2. I also think that book would be great. I personally like reading biographies of professional athletes. Im curious about the obstacles he faces.


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