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Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011

Youth in Revolt
C.D. Payne
page 82

The title of the book, is Youth in Revolt. I think it fits the story, because the main character Nick, is very outgoing. He will say what he wants, and doesnt care about what other people say about him. He is a very aggrivated teenager. He is dealing with family problems, hormones, and the desirable need to be with girls. Youth is rising in revolt more or less. He eventually gets fed up with all the stuff that is going on around him, and he fakes his death to get away from the police for stealing his dads car. He runs away with Sheeni (the girl he is obsessed with) and doesnt let anything stop him or her from getting away. Two alternate titles could be; Youth gone wild, or The crazy Nick Twisp. I think Youth gone wild, because they do go wild. They go on this rampage just to prove a point, the point being kids need to be treated fairly instead of trying to control them. The crazy Nick Twisp, because he is crazy. He thinks he knows everything just because he is very intellectual. Well, thats not the case, he doesnt know the real world very well.

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