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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Before I Fall
By: Lauren Oliver

I think that this title Before I Fall fits this book very well. This book is about a girl who gets into a car crash on Friday night, but when she wakes up its Friday again and her day starts all over again. This happens every night and the main character Sam doesn't know how to stop it. She starts to figure out that she has to help others before she can get out of this horrible routine. The title fits it well because she has to help many different people before she falls or dies again. A different title I would give this book would be Escape, because Sam is stuck in this never ending cycle and wants to find an escape to get back to her normal life. I also might rename the book Falling, because every night Sam has a dream that she is falling into darkness which has no end.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting book. Which title that you have chosen for the book? Would it be the ones you came up with or the given title? Which one would you choose: Before I Fall, Escape, or Falling?

  2. I watched a movie called Purgatory House and its the same type of thing. This girl commits suicide and goes to this place thats like in the middle of heaven and hell, basically limbo. In this place called purgatory she lives through everything that happened the day she died. She is basically killing herself everyday from that point, and its Gods way of punishing her for what she did. It was a very good movie. I want to read this story.


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