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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fear No Evil
Robin Caroll
p. 25-50

I am not real far into the book, but as of right now the title does not fit extremely. I am assuming that further into the book there will be an explanation as to why it is titled Fear No Evil. There has not been a conflict or incident in the plot to have the characters fear no evil or an event to allow a theme to arise from the plot. Right now, I would give the title of the book either The Storm or Cassidy's Fear. I would title it The Storm because in the very beginning there is a huge storm that is very chaotic and causes a lot of ruckus within the town. Police officers are having to prepare for floods and townsfolk are staying inside and canceling activities. It will potentially cause a huge mess with its after effects. I would name it Cassidy's Fear because Cassidy is a young girl in a family that is slowly falling a part. Her father is abusive, and her mother is filing for divorce. She is young enough that she does not have a full understanding, but she is old enough to know that it hurts. I have a feeling this will be a key point in the book later.

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