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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Safe At Home
Mike Lupica
I have already bloged about this book after i finished it but since im notto far into my second book, I do not know if the title fits the book. I will just blog about the book I have read. I do not believe the title fits the book very good. I figured by the title, that a big game would come down to a big play at the plate. This was not the case. The pitcher just struck everybody out. It was still a good book, I just think the title could have been changed. Most of Lupica's other titles fit good with the book, but this time it did not.


  1. I did not catch the 2 title suggestion, so I will write them here. My first title would be Nick is lost. Nick is very lost with moving up on the baseball team and at home. He was adopted and does not really get along with his family. Second title would be, Strike Out, Like I said in the blog, no one was safe at home, and it was all strike outs to end the big game.

  2. That is really weird that all of his titles have fit his books but this one did not. Maybe he thought the title meant something different, but thats just my opinion. I would say that the two titles that you picked would also be good choices. They seem very fitting.


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