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Friday, March 4, 2011

Beautiful Creatures
Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
pg. 258
The title Beautiful Creatures fits this book very well because it has a lot of different elements. Lena who is a Caster is hated by most of the school because she's not like them, she's different. While most of the school steers clear of her, Ethan finds her very interesting. He even finds her beautiful. As they find out more of both of their families past and how their small town of Gatlin isn't what they thought they grow closer. The closer Lena and Ethan get the more they realize how alike and how different they are. So the Beautiful Creatures title works because Casters are people but they are also creatures and Lena just happens to be a beautiful one to Ethan. Another title I think would work for the book is Light and Dark. Once Lena turns sixteen she will find out if she is a light or dark side Caster. This will change her whole world once this event takes place. One other title could be Secrets of Time. In the story Ethan and Lena are looking for the secret of a locket that found that is related to both of their families past. No one will tell them much but as they find out more they realize that Gatlin has a lot more secrets than they thought.

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