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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jack and Jill

At the begining of the book it is flashing back and forth between two murders that are happing. The first person murdered is a rich politition at a rich hotel, and the murderers are Jack and Jill. And the second person murdered is a young back girl in the projects, this murderer is unknown. After that it goes to the next day when the body of the little girl is found and Alex Cross and Sampson are working the case. The next major thing that happens is it goes to Jack and Jill playing a game to try and pick the next person they will murder. This kept my attention because I wanted to know who was playing the game Jack and Jill and why they were trying to kill all of these famous people. I hope Alex finds the person that killed the little girl so he can focus his full attention on the big murder spree that Jack and Jill are creating, because I think Jack and Jill are the most dynamic characters in the book so far.

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  1. i enjoy that the start of your book tells the story of the murders that go on


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